What The UN Should Have Heard

by Ian Kleinfeld, YellowTimes.org, September 21, 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen of the International Community:

I speak to you today of a grave threat to the international order and peace. There is a nation among us that is an immediate danger to us all, requiring immediate action by all peace-loving countries that believe in the rule of law.

We are dealing with a nation that routinely thwarts the will of the international community; it has both possession of and continues to seek further weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons despite international laws and treaties prohibiting it.

This country has shown itself to be a belligerent force, invading sovereign nations it does not approve of with impunity and in violation of international laws and consensus. It uses its military solely to further its power over oil.

It has shown complete disregard for the safety of the international community by overthrowing legitimate governments, supporting and arming dictators, and murdering civilians by the millions.

Thousands of dissidents have disappeared in its jails without legal recourse, in contradiction to the words and spirit of its own Constitution and Bill of Rights.

It destroys its own natural resources and contributes to massive environmental destruction worldwide, while using its military force to squelch opposition to its policies.

This country has a long history of brutality and disrespect of civil rights and international law. The list of UN resolutions that it has ignored or sabotaged is nearly endless. It uses its power in the UN to aid its allies and punish its ideological adversaries with no regard for what is right, true, ethical, or in the best interests of the greater good. Even now it threatens to act with unilateral violence if the UN fails to take action it wants.

A government like this has no place in the international community.

It is for all these reasons that I call on you today to foment regime change in the United States by any means necessary. In the years to come, your actions will go down in history as a courageous people acting the interest of the world to ensure peace.

If you fail to act, the consequences are enormous, and will lead to an ever-increasing cycle of violence, and the end of peace on this planet as we know it, making the 3037 who died on September 11th appear a small tragedy in comparison.

Act now, act decisively, and act effectively.

Ian Kleinfeld is an activist, writer, and actor living in San Francisco, California, and is the webmaster for: http://www.DemocracyMeansYou.com

He is also working to get a state initiative on the ballot to prevent the yearly annual buget crisis in California.

There is more information on that at: http://www.CaliforniaBudget.org

Ian Kleinfeld encourages your comments: mailto:ian@democracymeansyou.com

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